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I’d like to get assessed for OCD, ASD, does ADHD Global Care do that?

Do ADHD Global Care professionals prescribe medication?

What are the treatment options if I have ADHD?

I already have a diagnosis from a psychologist/psychiatrist, do I need to do another assessment?

How is the process of the assessment?

What is the difference between an assessment and a follow-up?

Are ADHD Global Care professionals recognized by insurance/healthcare

What if I have a medical card?


There are no available slots for an assessment, can I be added to a waiting/cancellation list?

Do I need a GP referral?

Is ADHD Global Care available during weekends?

I think my daughter/son might have ADHD, can I book an appointment for them?

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I am not a patient of ADHD Global Care

I am a patient of ADHD Global Care and need a prescription renewal after stabilizing my dose

Are prescriptions valid in other EU countries?